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Sparkling Wines and Secco

Nr. 30-1730Secco Julian      8,90 EUR   Fl.Add to cart
750 ml
10,5  % vol
Made from red grapes vinified with great care and "pressed white", he combines the low-acid fruit of red grapes with the elegance of a sparkling white wine. The bouquet is fresh and inviting with wonderful aromas of green apples, acacia flowers and spring meadow. Refreshing, almost impetuous and full with joy of life - like our son Julian. Indispensable for any celebration!
Nr. 31-16312010 Riesling-Sekt brut      11,20 EUR   Fl.Add to cart
750 ml
12,0  % vol
High-quality base wines mature by adopting the traditional Champagne method to a new quality. By the long period spent on the yeast new and interesting flavours are developed, which are carried by the Mousseux into the nose and to the palate. Ripe and soft with the typical Terroir of our steep vineyards, they present themselves delicately fruity and playfully slate-like.

Weingut Fries – Spitzenweine aus Terrassenlagen