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White Wines fruity-sweet & noble-sweet

Nr. 15-17152010 Vom Schiefer feinherb   Riesling   6,70 EUR   Fl.Add to cart
750 ml
9,5  % vol
Goldene Kammerpreismünze (Gold award)
Nr. 17-17172010 Winninger Uhlen   Riesling Spätlese   11,20 EUR   Fl.Add to cart
750 ml
8,5  % vol
Goldene Kammerpreismünze (Gold award)

Very content-full and body-rich Riesling, which is characterised by fascinating fruit flavours in connection with fine, unobtrusive fruit acid.
Nr. 18-15182010 Winninger Röttgen   Riesling Auslese - selection of mature wines   21,00 EUR ausgetrunken
500 ml
9,0  % vol
Goldene Kammerpreismünze (Gold award)

Extremely classy selection. This wine was pressed from a strictly selected and handpicked crop.

Weingut Fries – Spitzenweine aus Terrassenlagen