The white wines

The harvesting of Riesling and White Burgundy (Pinot Blanc) grapes is often done in several stages from mid-October to mid November when all grapes are selected and picked by hand. In the estate's new winepress building the grapes are transported to the press using the currently most gentle grape processing tilt-system without the use of conveyor belts or pumps. The ensuing maceration process in the wine press and the extraction of important fruit flavours (primary aromas) from the pulp and skin, is completed by pressing the mash in a pneumatic press. Fermentation takes place exclusively in stainless steel barrels. The temperature-controlled fermentation (cooled fermentation at max. 16 ° C) gives the wine influential flavours (secondary aromas) and promotes the fruitiness of the wine. This very traditional wine-making process, which was practiced in the past and involved enormous amount of physical work, has been made possible again today by the use of forklift trucks and the tilt system. In Spring the white wines are being bottled, just before the new shoots are growing on the vines in the vineyard.