The wine makers

Today Reiner and Anke Fries manage the estate, now in it's 8th generation. As early as 1986 Reiner Fries, while still a student as a graduate wine engineer, planted with a special permit one of the first red wine vineyards of the Mosel. A few years later, Reiner and Anke Fries began using the barrique technique for their red wines and increased the proportion of red vines in their steep vineyard locations . At the same time they intensified the cultivation of terroir-influenced Riesling wines which grow in the steepest terraces. In pursuit of quality, the yield is far below the average in the area and is as that of top international wine producers. This pursuit of quality has been acknowledged with numerous awards such as Honour of the State Awards (Staatsehrenpreise) and the Great Honour of State Award (Grosser Staatsehrenpreis). For Reiner and Anke Fries the work in the steep vineyards is a fascinating craft. They are enjoying the ability to produce wines of the highest quality, working patiently with the ecosystem of the vineyard and with generations of inherited knowledge and hands on labour. The wines tell a story of great terroir (combination of climate, soil type and topography), crystal clear fruit flavors, ecology, culture and wholesomeness. The creative interaction of soil, microclimate, healthy vines and the intuition of the winemaker are the secrets of great wine.