The terraced vineyards

The terraced vineyards in Winningen, the old wine-growing community on the lower Mosel, are amongst the steepest in the world. Up to 20 individual terraces built above one another - are a cultural heritage of a long forgotten epoch of viticulture. These are the work of many generations and were only completed in the 19 Century. Nowadays the dry stonewalls of the vineyards are a unique eco-climate for a multitude of micro-flora and -fauna long threatened with extinction. There are alone over 500 various types of beetles (many already threatened with extinction) which have been found in surveys of the Uhlen site. Besides the black vine weevil, the wall lizard and the very rare emerald lizard, which can all be found basking in the sun on top of the walls in the first spring sunshine, the butterfly Apollo Winningensis (parnasius apollo vinningensis) can be found. Threatened with extinction this butterfly has here its largest colony (of only four known) north of the Alps. Our selection Apollo-Terrace was named after it. And only in these Grand-Cru sites, tightly bound into the ecosystem, is the classic Riesling grapevine able to extract from the slate beds the high amounts of minerals and nutrients required for the wine. With the old grapevines only producing small yields of grapes the wines are each unique and cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world.