Weingut Fries - Winninger Uhlen

Winninger Uhlen – Hill of Owls and Apollo Butterfly

In the vineyard site Winninger Uhlen geologists describe six different geological layers belonging to the Devonian period. Essentially, these are hard quartzite, red slate and calcareous sandstone, distorted by age and weathering conditions - and often with embedded fossils. The countless choirs (choir = a terrace is divided into small plots by dry stone walls) are now an impressive terrace-of-art and a cultural monument. Open to the south the Uhlen reminds you of an amphitheatre, with up to 200 meters height and a Mediterranean microclimate. The Uhlen is considered as Germany's largest contiguous vineyard terrace.

The Riesling-Wines of the Uhlen are very expressive, substantial and sustain-full, often striking - therefore absolute individualists. Mostly produced into dry wine these are demanding wines for wine lovers. Often those Uhlen wines are at the beginning introvert and take time to develop.