The red wines

The yield of the red wine vineyards in particular is reduced by a short pruning in the winter and a thinning (cutting out grapes) in the summer. Harvesting is done by hand in several stages from late September to mid October. Particular attention is given to the selection of only healthy grapes. In the winery grapes are separated from their stems and are fermented following the classical maceration technique. After 10 to 14 days of fermentation and maceration, the mash (pulp) is pressed; the result is known as "must". After a quick removal of excess yeast, this must is stored in barrique (oak) barrels. Here the young red wines go through malolactic fermentation, converting the dominant malic acid into the softer lactic acid. The fruity red wines are cultivated in older barrique (oak) barrels, while the newer barrels (first or second use only) are reserved for the finer selections There, the fruity red wines remain about 8 months before being bottled, while the finer selections mature about 20 months in the young wood and are bottled just before the next harvest but one.