Philosophy of the vineyard site

In the classification of their wines Anke and Reiner deliberately abstain from the use of the previously used terms Spätlese and Auslese. We prefer to go along with the increasing importance of the origin (vineyard site and soil) of the vines - the "terroirs". The conversion is based upon the site classification initiated by Napoleon in 1802, where - with rare meticulousness - all vineyards in France and (in 1868) all Prussian vineyards were classified. Because of the meaning of the "terroirs" (site) of our terraced vineyards, which are ranked among the grade II of the group of outstanding vineyards, we emphasize these wines with the designation Apollo terraces. Winninger Uhlen and Winninger Röttgen are assigned to the top group of the grade I with approximately 1% of the today's cultivated area. Wines from these sites are named as the "First Great Site" of the Fries Winery. However, only if the grapes of these two categories are developed and matured optimally, and the wines embody the individual character of the slate terraces, we will position these two premium wine segments following the roman classification as the Crus and/or premier Crus of our winery, and designate them simply as quality wine. We reserve the use of the descriptors Spätlese, Auslese (late vintage, selection) etc. for the fruity-mild or noble-sweetly wines.