The New Twist/ Stelvin – For the love of wine

As a producer of outstanding wines our top principle is highest quality and maximum drinking pleasure. However, the risk to ruin a carefully developed and refined wine by use of a single cork is great. Many incorrect nuances can be caused by a natural cork, which spoil the joy of good wine and are often attributed to the nature of the wine. Therefore, we no longer wanted to be exposed to the arbitrary of cork and have decided to use a high quality Stelvin screw cap for all white and rosé wines as from the vintage 2009 onwards. This screw cap is nowadays at home in all the winegrowing regions of the world and is used by many renowned wineries as the perfect alternative to a natural cork.
For all of us it certainly a little getting used to but it does have many advantages:

  • easier to open and better resealing
  • protection of flavours, freshness and fruit by air-tight seal
  • longer shelf life of started bottles
  • no leaking or dirty corks
  • no negative influence through the cork - full enjoyment of every bottle
  • high quality optical design

Thus we see the screw cap as the only way to guarantee you the quality of the wine we produced after such a huge labour-intensive viticulture and careful wine making process.
We are looking forward and are excited to hear from your experience and feedback...


31. August 2011

Weinmarkt in der August-Horch-Halle

Präsentation des Jahrgangs 2010 u.a. von verschiedenen Winninger Weingütern im Rahmen des Moselfestes (26. August - 04. September).
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